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gurdonark's Journal

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12 August 1959
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I'm an attorney trapped in an attorney's body. I'm happily married to a technical writer who's far too kind to correct my grammar absent a specific request.

I am in favor of reading and writing bad poetry, raising succulent plants, engaging in simple kindness, flying cheap kites, and reading books found at random in public libraries. I am less goth than anyone you might meet, though I do like Joy Division. I take nature walks lasting an hour at a time. I really like people who try really hard at finding meaning much more than people with a practiced hand at effortless obliviousness. I wish I were a better person, but I confer as much cheap grace on myself as possible.

I wrote a book of bad poetry about mediocre chess players, called Chess Poems for the Tournament Player. I've had fun selling it on ebay, using copy which explains the flaws in the book. I have had a few more things published in obscure little places. I try to read more poetry than I write, but, like most poets, I do not always succeed. I like that LiveJournal is an endless open mike.

I have a couple of side projects, including the Feeder Guppy Rescue League, a yahoo message board for those who like to raise "feeder" or "cull" guppies, and the North Texas Blitz Hegemony, my small chess club devoted to running tournaments that do not take very long to complete. I believe in clubs without dues, welcome to all of good will. Find either feederguppy or northtexasblitz over at groups.yahoo.com, and feel free to join me in my hobby wanderings.

I have a side journal called gurdonpoems, in which I plant bad poems as if they were marigolds.

I am a bad poet who nonetheless loves to write poetry, a non-artist who enjoys mail art, a math second-rater who nonetheless got a physics degree, and a non-musician who loves to record music.

I record ambient and odd music. You can find a great deal of my material at
Negative Sound Institute. I tend to release
my music so that people can hear it and download it without being obligated to pay for it. I also like to remix things, and sometimes upload remixes ranging from the odd to the danceable at CC Mixter. I like to write ambient music reviews, which I am permitted to do as a guest reviewer by the kindness of
The Ambient Review.

If you like found music, ambient music, weirdbient music, and noise, you may find something in it to love. I'm pleased that I'm frequently played on internet radio and on podcasts, and if you wish to play me, I'd love to hear you are doing so.

I am an explorer, one hyperlink at a time. I am a firm believer that we must pursue our individual truth(s) and live in the moment as compassionately as we can. If in LiveJournal we eavesdrop and comment on the novelization of others' "moments", so much the better.

I hope you enjoy my LiveJournal. I really like my friends and enjoy making new friends. Please feel free to pop by and comment.

I don't pretend to know the answers, and sometimes I am vaguely not sure of the questions. But I do know that the test is not standardized.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

Feel free to quote my weblog, with attribution.

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