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trick or rainy treat

Tuesday I walked in Salmon Park in Sachse. I saw Eastern Bluebirds and House Finches. Rain fell nearly all day and into the evening. We only got 6 trick-or-treaters for Halloween. But that was a good number, given the rainy days. I passed out rice krispies treats.
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first junco

Sunday I walked a few of my usual parks--Shawnee Park and Hoblitzelle Park in Plano, and Allen Station Park in Allen.   I saw a couple taking photos of butterflies at the Heritage Center. I gave them space, and later found a place to take butterfly photos in Allen Station Park. My weight was up at WW a bit. The leader, now termed a "coach", asked me to explain how much I lost in the program (right now, it's 99 pounds).

Monday morning I got some paperwork things done I meant to do during the weekend prior to going to work. At lunch i walked in Timbers Nature Preserve in Murphy. I saw my first Dark-Eyed Juncos of the Autumn. I stopped this evening to walk in High Point Park in Plano. I accidentally locked my keys in my car, but I got in after calling Onstar for help.

Tonight I watched Magnum P.I., and am now watching an episode of Star Trek; Deep Space Nine.

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warmer saturday

The news Thursday said October has been the rainiest month here in recorded history, just as September was the highest September.
Friday I walked in little Travis Farm Park, where there was a bit of standing water. After work, I walked in Oak Point Park. A Red-Tailed Hawk perched on a street light.. A man nearby came to me and expressed amazement that the hawk had no fear.

I picked us up El Pollo Loco chicken for dinner.

We got up early and early voted this morning. There was no line. My little voting machine card did not work well at first. A poll worker helped me out.

We took my wife's car to the shop. We got some household chores done.

Saturday morning I walked in LImestone Quarry Park in Frisco. I figured out where the rest of the Taychas Trail went.
We went to Jason's deli for lunch. I had southwestern chicken chili.

Later, I walked on the Chisholm Trail near Spring Creek.  I saw 15 migrating White Pelicans flying in formation. The Yellow-Rumped Warblers are back. On the Taychas Trail, I saw a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet.

Later, I walked in Glendover Park. A girl of 10 or 12 and her dad were flying a kite, though there was little wind. She ran beside me, with kite aloft. Her dad asked if she had run over me, but i assured him she was perfect.  The kite came back to earth.

We ate home-made pizza for dinner. We used a wewalka crust.

We started the film "Eighth Grade", but my wife fell asleep part-way in.

This week a deranged terrorist sent pipe bombs to Democrats. Another deranged terrorist shot lots of people at a synagogue in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh. It's been a rough week.

I listened to This Week in Computer Hardware, whose long-time host took a job and Intel and had the leave the review show. I listened to Radio NZ, where a man talked about a book about the Trump Administration. I watched part of the Arkansas Razorbacks' loss to Vanderbilt University in college football.  Now I am watching Titan A.E.

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rainy day

The rain fell. Beatrice and I tossed her toy. For lunch I had CiCi's Pizza and walked in Dollar Tree, Big Lots and Hobby Lobby.  After work, I walked in Fry's. We watched part of the movie "Snow White".
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cuba birds

Monday after work I walked in A.R. Schell Park in Plano. I saw ten bird species. I thought I saw a migrating Gray Catbird, but my view was  a rather short one, so so far I have not listed it.

Tuesday night I went to the Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society meeting. Gailon Brehm gave a good talk about his birding visit to Cuba.The endemic species were fascinating. Also, the rural places to stay, cafes, and the horse and ox drawn transporation along the roadways was interesting, as well as the storied 1950s era American cars.  I have not had any desire to visit Cuba, but it was interesting to see Gailon's photos. During the initial educational portion of the meeting, the presentation was on sparrows, using formerly living specimens. I used to know nothing about sparrows. Now I can identify most of them, but I still learn things during the presentations.

Late Tuesday night I caught up with the first episode of this season's Supergirl show.

The rain returns today for a one-day engagement.


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perfect weather weekend

Saturday I got up early. I walked in Glendover Park. The first Gadwall ducks of the Autumn swam in the lake. The weather was cloudy and a bit cool.  I saw Beatrice's friend Diva and her owners. They asked me why I did not bring Beatrice. I told them that I had wanted to see if the rain was falling. I decided to go pick up Beatrice and take her. She enjoyed a walk around the pond.

I had made plans to meet up with
[Unknown LJ tag] and her husband, but the details were hazy. We exchanged emails earlier in the month. I somehow had failed to respond to an email. Somehow my wife inadvertently forgot it was a lunch rather than a dinner and made plans to lunch and go to the opera with a friend.

Friday evening I sent an email, and got one back. But  I did not realize I had a reply until i got up with a bit of insomnia at 4 a.m. Saturday morning I nearly missed our lunch because I did not check my texts. But it all worked out well, because we met up at Torchy's Tacos in Richardson.  We had a nice talk. I must have known her for over 15 years now, but it had been several years since I had seen the two of them.
I had two soft tacos called Mr. Orange. I really enjoyed speaking with them.

Saturday afternoon I took a long walk on the Chisholm Trail starting at the Orlando trailhead in Plano. My step count app once again counted fewer steps than I thought it would count.  I rode my bicycle to Green Park and walked there, too. Just before  I got to the park, I saw a grown Cooper's Hawk in a nearby tree, not far away.

Saturday evening I made myself microwaved eggs for dinner. I fell asleep during Dr. Who.

Sunday morning I walked in Hoblitzelle Park.  I found I had held my weight roughly steady yet another week I walked in Shawnee Park and then went to church. I ate grilled chicken from KFC.

I walked in Allen Station Park. I saw species of birds migraating through, and species of bird arriving for Winter. In  the afternoon I listened to the Cowboys game on the radio, first while walking Beatrice and then while walking by myself.  The Cowboys lost to the team from Washington on the very last play, when a field goal went just awry.

We ate hot dogs for dinner.

After days of rain, the weather was like Heaven.

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Thursday the rain let up a bit. I walked at Dave Sanford Park at lunch and at Travis Farm Park just after work. Ten species of birds were out at little Travis Farm Park, among whom was a handsome Red-Tailed Hawk.

Thursday night I went to the Garland Salvation Army for the monthly Dallas Bar Association Volunteer Attorney Program. I met with clients  whom I was delighted to try to assist. Without getting into details, I felt an appreciation for the hardships that financial difficulties can bring in dealing with serious matters including legal issues.

Friday the rain came back. We dined at Silver Thai. Work was very busy. I realized I had not answered a non-work email for 12 days, and remedied the situation.

I am impressed with the stories of Matilda Jones, a 7 year old in the uk, and Saga Vanacek, an 8 year old from Sweden, who each, a year apart, pulled an antique sword from a lake. 

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Wet Wednesday

The rain fell again today. At lunch it let up a bit. I saw three White-Faced Ibis in Breckinridge Park. This was my 102nd species sighting in Collin County this year. After work, I walked in Collin Creek Mall, which is slowly dying. I bought a shirt and some shoes in Sears, a chain which filed for Chapter 11 protection this week. I miss the old Sears Roebuck Christmas Catalog. I made many a Christmas list using that annual publication. I dreamed last night of walking around Big Bear Lake and playing a lottery-like game of chance.

Beatrice is cuddled up in a little doggie blanket. It's chilly outside.

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soggy Tuesday

The rain fell today.

The radio said that our area has gotten 20 inches of rain since September 1.  We usually get 3 or 4 inches in that time period.

I ate rainbow trout for lunch. I walked in Glendover Park. Seven Scissortail Flycatchers paused in their migration due to the rain.

We ate home-made pizza tonight and watched "This is Us".sog

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Hartford and a Niece

Wednesday night I flew to Hartford. I watched the movie about young Han Solo. I liked the film and in particular Emilia Clarke in the film.  Thursday morning I headed out from the Red Lion Inn to take a walk. I passed Dunkin Donuts field, where I was pleased to learn that the city's minor league team bore the name the Yard Goats. I walked to my conference at the U Conn law school.  The walk was a bit over a mile. I passed the Connecticut state capitol and the Hartford Insurance building as I walked on a street called Asylum.   I liked the campus, which was traditional. In a library area they had a great exhibit of photographs of all the women who were Connecticut judges. They put blue ribbons that said "Alumna" on the photos of graduates of the school.  The continuing education conference was good, and it was good to see long-standing acquaintances in my field.

After the first day of the conference, I took two work calls. Then I walked back to my hotel, eschewing the cocktail party. I like seeing everyone, but the hotel at which the cocktail party was being held was a goodish way off, and it was raining. I had my rain jacket on, and walked back to my hotel.  I did not get very wet. On the way back to the hotel I stopped at a Thai place called Siam for broccoli chicken and edamame. I watched a telvised football game between Texas Christian University and Texas Tech University.

Friday morning I had a kind of egg and bacon and cheese grilled wrap at a curious chain store called Freshii. After the Friday conference ended, I took a cab to the Hartford airport.  My cab was prompt,which made me happy. I caught the 6:14 flight home. My update of my computer during my trip apparently made it no longer compatible for movie watching. Instead, I re-read for the xth time the Charles Dickens novella "A Christmas Carol". I also read a bit of my long-standing flight reading project, Willa Cather's "One of Ours".

Our 12-year-old niece Quinn, who visited us last weekend, was still up when I arrived home near 10 p.m. It was great to see her. Saturday morning I got up eathe rly to take a walk in our local park. The sprinkling at the walk's outset turned into a deluge as  I walked.  I had to change clothes when I got home. We took Quinn to Elke's for lunch. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese.

In the afternoon, we went to Pin Stack in Allen. Quinn went on the rope thing, and we all played video games and pinball. Quinn and I did bumper cars which were fun and even more tame than the usual bumper cars.

We all went to dinner at Napoli, where I had spaghetti marinara, Quinn had linguini alfredo and my wife had chicken piccata.

Sunday I went to Weight Watchers and to church. I was up 4/10ths of a pound. In the afternoon, Quinn and I went to the natatorium. She struck up a friendly discussion with a 10-year-old boy named Devon. Devon explained that he lived in a trailer park with his grandmother, and they came to the natatorium every week. I liked floating quietly in the lazy river as Quinn and Devon floated just ahead of me.
The rain abated enough that I could walk in the park Sunday afternoon. My wife and Quinn made tasty chocolate chip cookies. I went to sleep early Sunday night, but woke up to find my wife and Quinn cheering on their hometown Kansas City Chiefs, who were nobly losing a close game to the New England Patriots.

Monday my wife took off work. She took Beatrice to the vet, where, despite my worries, Beatrice got a fairly clean bill of health. She took Quinn to the airport. We had a good time with Quinn.

Rain fell all day Monday. It got very cold--in the 40s fahrenheit. I walked at lunch through the rain to Potbelly's. Monday night  I fell asleep before the episode of "Manifest" had ended.

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