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rain and then no rain

Tuesday a vigorous rain fell for halt an hour, and then receded away into a warm but breezy evening.

Last night the sad news came of a person shooting people at the Youtube headquarters in California. This is such a sad thing for all.

The other day I sorted out where an old friend from college lives now. It's funny to lose touch with someone for more than thirty years.

Last night I walked in A.R. Schell Park in Plano.

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Easter 2018

Friday the 30th I worked a full day. We let our staff head home in the mid-afternoon. In the evening we ate at Holy Frijoles, where I had carne asada and shrimp.

Saturday morning I walked Beatrice in Celebration Park. Celebration Park is mostly open-air. Its turf is really springy. When our departed dog Scout was very old, I used to take her to walk there. It was a gentle place to walk. I thought Beatrice would enjoy a walk there, too. I came to this destination as a second choice. My original idea was to take her to Bonham State Park, an hour away. She and I have been there hiking twice.

But Beatrice somehow decided we must be heading to the veterinarian's office. She hates going there. She began shivering. When we drove past the turn, she figured out we were not going to the vet. I thought she's like to stay closer to home. So we took a walk in Celebration Park. She liked that.

In the afternoon, I walked in Suncreek Park. I liked seeing a Carolina Chickadee put a Tufted Titmouse in its place. Titmice are not as skilled at foraging as chickadees, and often follow them. But I never saw a chickadee give the Titmouse a bit of come-uppance. I loved seeing the armadillo near the end of my hike.

Saturday night we went to the Taiwanese sushi place. We had sushi rather than Taiwanese food. It was a great meal. The people who work there are always very nice to us.

Sunday morning we slept too late for the sunrise Easter service. We went to First UMC for the 8:15. This proved a very good choice. The Easter program was a blend of traditional and contemporary.

Late Sunday morning I walked in Allen Station Park. I saw the last of the Winter sparrows, but none of the Spring migrants. I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Sunday afternoon we drove to Plants and Planters. The nice woman there told my wife Saturday that they have to water on Easter anyway, so they might as well be open. We got a tree-form plant whose name escapes me. But it looks good.

Sunday night the weather turned chilly. We had thought about watching the live "Jesus Christ: Superstar" performance on television. But we watched "Call the Midwife" instead. I fell asleep soon thereafter, to a night of quick dreams and repeated but not unpleasant wakeful moments.

During the course of the weekend, I got some necessary family paperwork matters handled, and some useful work matters addressed. I have more to do, but I am pleased by what I got done. I will get more done in April.

Today I had a matter in downtown Dallas. My preparation went until too late to safely take the train from the Garland station to downtown Dallas. When my matter ended, the search for my car in the parking lot reminded me of why I prefer to take the train to the West End Station.

I walked this evening on the Hoblitzelle Trail. I saw a sleek, large-ish Bobcat cross the path, but my only pictures were of a House Finch.

Tonight I ate a grilled chicken sandwich and chili from Wendy's. Now I am watching an episode of "The Flash".

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warm imperfection

I had an overall good but imperfect day. I logged in 7,000 steps, a bit under what I like to hit. I drew a picture of a flower. I find that my drawings are less about being wonderful and more about making the image vaguely recognizable.

I liked Easter baskets as a child.

I read today of the recent passing of Dominique. We went to the same high school, a year or two apart. I did not know her well. I can go further than saying that. I barely knew her at all, but always admired her independent spirit. She was a creative, quirky person, as near as I can recall. I am sorry to hear of her passing.

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big green jacket

Despite a day of rain, I was able to walk in Heritage Park in Sachse in relative comfort. As I drove home after work, I saw my wife walking Beatrice. Beatrice had on a big green jacket, but the jacket was too large for her. She needs a yellow canine raincoat.

Though the rain resumed this evening, I was able to walk a bit in Glendover Park. I saw my first Northern Rough-Winged Swallows of the year flying over the pond.

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rainy bunting

A heavy rain caused me to wear the long coat my sister-in-law gave me years ago over my suit. I think of a vacation we took in Scotland a few years ago when I wear it, as I used this coat to avoid heavy Summer rains.

I drove to the Bankruptcy Court in Plano. I do not want to discuss my work, because I like to avoid discussing client matters. But I can discuss some of the other lawyers who appear in bankruptcy court. I admire the folks who help ordinary consumers with their bankruptcy issues. This is work that is not particularly lucrative, requires specialized knowledge, and requires a lot of legwork and follow-up. There is little glamor in doing consumer bankruptcy work. But those men and women who do help people keep homes or escape deep pits of debt.

In the evening, I drove to the Audubon Society meeting. The teaching part of the meeting dealt with warbler identification, which is a timely topic. I liked the pictures of our 19 most common warblers. This year
migration is just getting underway--I have seen 2 of the 19 so far.

Austin College Professor Wayne Meyer gave an interesting talk on his research into Painted Bunting songs and the mystery of why male Painted Buntings wait until the second year of adulthood to don the full color feathers. Austin College is a small liberal arts school 40 miles north of here. Our society helps fund his research. He gave an interesting talk. I liked that when the meeting was over, and they asked for help folding the chairs onto chair stack devices, everyone immediately folded a few, making the job a group effort.

kix cereal and skim milk
broccoli beef, string bean chicken and mixed vegetables
chicken tenders and a fruit cup

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shooting out sparks

I walked in the parking lot to my car at lunch. An older man with a straw cowboy hat hailed me. His Mitsubishi small SUV needed a jump-start. I recently organized my car a bit, so I did not have to dig to find my cables.

Things were not going well with the jump-start, when I realized that he had transposed the red and the black cables. I let the cowboy hat fool me into assuming he knew how to do it. That explains the sparks. We got the red and black transposed, and got his car started and him on his way.

After work, I walked on the Chisholm Trail. This morning, I woke up early and did some of the document organization upstairs. I have more to do. The rain just started falling in buckets.

puffed corn and skim milk
veggie delight sandwich and baked chips
chicken breast, carrots and couscous

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not accompanying

My wife and her friend Malika took a day trip to Eisenhower State Park just south of the Oklahoma border and then to the Chickasaw original tribal capitol in Tishomingo. I was tempted to join them, but I wanted to get some other things done, too. I love the two places they visited, though.

I took a morning bicycle ride on the Watters Branch Trail, covering 6.5 miles. I got some photos of Carolina Chickadees flitting from branch to branch.

I typed on a document for work. I took a walk on the Trail at the Woods. I created two electronic music pieces, using Noiser and Atomic Cloud software as well as Audacity. The pieces are a bit abstract. I think next I will do something more traditional melodically, but not too traditional.

When my wife and our friend came home, they brought with them Margherita Pizza from Mio Nonno. I liked the pizza.

I was up a bit on Weight Watchers this morning, which I had planned. I gained a little under 2 pounds, which brings me back to my doctor's ideal weight range. I lunched on a Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich and a large chili.

The weather today is heavenly--overcast and pleasant. I must take Beatrice for a walk, before the heat returns or the rain comes.

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little car stories

The road always brings stories, but I rarely take the time to tell them.

They're not big or epic stories. My road stories are small and commute-ish.

This week one story arose from the man in the car behind me. I am not sure what faux pas he perceived I committed when he was following me around a left turn. Perhaps I was too slow to turn upon the blinking left-turn arrow. Perhaps I accidentally shifted lanes while turning to his prejudice. I will never know.

I do know that he honked and tail-gated and then passed me at the turn. Then he raised his middle finger with his hand outside his window. I noted his license plate number and car model, in case he engaged in more erratic behavior. Fortunately, he merely drove on--and so did I. I have no wish to interact with road-rage-y guys.

Then there was the art car, painted a bit like Van Gogh's "Starry Nights". It had been in a fender-bender, and stood, artistically inclined, by the roadside. I wondered how long its dented beauty would be immobile.

Tomorrow I must decide whether to drive or walk or ride my bicycle. But right now I am watching a biography of Julia Child. This evening I saw my 60th species of Collin County bird. Species 60 for this year was the Field Sparrow.

nutri-grain bar
3 soft chicken tacos
chicken enchiladas verde

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solved mystery

The news from Austin told us that the Austin bomber had blown himself up with the police in hot pursuit. I hope no more bombs explode.

The weather today was nearly perfect. I enjoyed walking after work.

I had a good workday today.

kix and skim milk
2 slices pepperoni and carrots
turkey, potatoes, vegetables

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Ostrom and the commons

After work, I walked in Bethany Lakes Park in Allen. I listened to the Restart Radio Podcast. The Restart Project is a London-based non-profit that focuses on encouraging folks to re-use things, especially electronics and electrics, rather than dispose of them. I have followed this non-profit's doings for some time, since I ran across it some months ago. But I first listened to its podcast tonight.

Tonight the podcast dealt with (https://therestartproject.org/podcast/elinor-ostrom-commons/)
Nobel Prize winning political economist Elinor Ostrom and her thinking on the commons. This resonated for me, and made me want to learn more. Lots of things I admire were influenced by this thinking, but I am less familiar with it.

I like this summary of "Ostrom's Law": "A resource arrangement that works in practice can work in theory." I have lived by a version of this saying for all my life, without ever knowing it was a law.

I then listened to the most current episode of the podcast, about something called Afro-Futurism. I found this also a very interesting program.


I saw my first Purple Martin of the year tonight. The weather was warm. I had a good day at work, and some good discussions with co-workers.

I got one bill payment mailed off today and pretended that was progress.

I like Eastern Bluebirds.

Kix cereal, skim milk
three soft chicken tacos
pork loin, salad and couscous

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