Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

busy and cold

Today I worked on a couple of matters for a good bit of the mid-section of the day. I chose to work at my office so that I could use two monitors at once; I am only set up for one monitor at home.

I stopped by the Fred Harris part of the Spring Creek Greenbelt in Garland, but the 30something degree weather drove me back to my car in short order, despite my winter coat. I ate chicken and vermicelli for a late lunch. In the late afternoon, my wife and I headed to a movie.

Our dog Teddy got a haircut today. Here she is at 17 years old:

Teddy, Lhasa Apso, age 17 years, 2 months

On an open field at 4:20 in the afternoon, we saw two well-nourished coyotes in broad daylight. We see coyotes often in our little town, but usually at night. We saw the movie "The Descendants", which we liked very much.

I thought of how it is on one level a picture postcard of Hawaii and how every place deserves the love of an understanding cinematographer. We dined on sushi at the Taiwanese cafe on Legacy. It was very good.

Tomorrow I must work and play and rest and worship and meet with people who monitor my weight for a fee.
This morning we had snow clouds, but no snow. Tonight I listened to the netradio station.
It's fun to listen and participate in chat at the same time.

An old friend gave me the cell phone number of another old friend tonight. I'll give the latter old friend a call next week.

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