Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

douro and chill

Work continues to occupy my time and thoughts, which is perhaps as it should be, all in all. Today during lunch I even showed admirable resolve, eating a modest mostly-vegetable repast when temptation lingered near
like the proverbial experiment in which the child is left alone with a marshmallow.

Last night we watched the DVD of "Life on the Douro", the documentary about the Portugese wine industry in the Douro region that features two of my songs, one Thomas Nunnally Ensemble song and one very lovely Verian Thomas solo guitar song. I had seen only snippets of the film before, in preview videos. The movie proved to be lovely. The Douro region looks grand, and the stories of folks hours by train from the coast were fascinating. I am glad that director Zev Robinson included our songs on the fine soundtrack.

My little pandigital tablet has been wonderful for social media and for reading and for music. Still, it is only Android 2.1, which excludes flash. I am thinking about upgrading to a tablet that is at least 2.3, so that I can play flash music sites and the like.

The weather has that "warm on the weekdays, cold on the weekends" February vibe going. Trees are beginning to bloom. I hope that Saturday's chill does not prevent me from enjoying the weather.

I have decided that on the whole I approve of lovely rural places and disapprove of the needlessly narrow-minded.

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