Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

downton sports

Last night we ate Indian food at Iravan on Legacy in Plano. I had tandoori chicken. Though Friday had been in the 70s, today the temperature stayed in the 40s. I rested and did some work. I made it to Weight Watchers, where I was up a couple of pounds. This caused no chagrin, as last week's weight loss was too extreme, and the 2 week average comes to a workable 2 pounds lost. We watched the Super Bowl until the third period and then we switched to Downton Abbey on PBS. This WW I era soap upstairs/downstairs soap opera interests us. I missed the exciting football finish, and yet, I think, enjoyed myself more the way we did things.

This morning I wrote a long essay about sharing. I wrote it as a private post in this weblog, as this seems more natural to me now than writing on a blank sheet of virtual paper. Then I copied and pasted it into Open Office to finish. It was fun to write, as it helped me work out a few of my theories about this topic in so many words.

I purchased a compilation from the Free Floating ambient music label, and from the artist Phillip Wilkerson, who grew up, as it happens, about 30 miles from where I grew up. I did not get the exercise I wanted to get today, but otherwise it proved a restful and yet productive day.

I filled out the form at to add "Weights and Measures" to my discography. I sorted my dry cleaning, did a good bit of laundry, and thought about invented musical instruments and the works of Harry Partch.

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