Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

up north

Monday afternoon I flew to Chicago for a business matter Tuesday. The weather up north was unseasonably pleasant. Tuesday night I flew home. Last night I finished "The Hand that Trembles" by Kjell Eriksson (in translation). I was pleased with the book and in particular its resolutions of several mysteries. I wondered if Swedish police procedurals affect my optimism. The Republican primary election cycle continues, with sports-like media coverage mired in play-by-play.

My wife and I had a meeting at Fidelity Investments yesterday. I was impressed with how our rep, Alicia, knew her stuff so well yet did not try to pressure us or dominate the discussion. I got the latest results from my most recent blood test: the potassium was normal. My surgery appears to have worked.

My work remains very heavy now. Our dog Ted gets confused now that she is 17. Who knows which way the wind blows? A weathervane, I suppose, blown in the right direction.
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