Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

to the creek on a velo

Saturday morning my young friend and I loaded our bicycles into my crossover and headed to Oak Point Park in Plano. We stopped at a doughnut shop on the way.

While my vehicle is perfect for just putting one bicycle in the back, two did not fit as well. I must get a bicycle carrier for the new vehicle.

The morning temperature was just under 40 degrees fahrenheit, so I was glad to have my winter coat and scarf on, as well as one glove. We enjoyed a 7.3 mile roundtrip ride from Oak Point Park down into Bob Woodruff Park, and back again, almost always on sidewalk trails. The ride took about an hour and fifteen minutes. Though the short ride was not a strain, I had a sense that it was about at the limit for me right now.

At the southern end of our ride, we came upon Rowlett Creek. Most hikes or rides I take in north Texas find me looking down on this kind of little creek.

Rowlett Creek, Bob Woodruff Park

On our way back, we came upon a couple riding their mountain bikes, who were accompanied by a golden retriever mix who seemed to be "theirs" but was in fact lost. That dog detached himself, and began to follow us. He was very friendly, and quite skilled at accompanying bicycle riders. He bore no collar, so we could not find his owners. We hoped that our ride would bring us to a family, leash in hand, crying "Lucky!" or "Duke!" or "Red!", but nothing happened. The older fellow he was originally accompanying rode up beside is. We discussed whether we should call animal control, but decided that the dog seemed relatively safe on the sidewalks and seemed more likely to be found there than in the city pound.

I snapped his picture, but the snap shows him marking territory. This is probably not the best vantage for viewing this charming fellow. He tried to jump into my Equinox, showing he was used to travel by CRV,
but the older fellow enticed him to rejoin him on the bicycle path. I hope they found his owners.

We stopped by Entertainment Mart, and then ate teriyaki chicken at An Mien Restaurant in Plano. The televisions there played a television station from Taiwan. A woman who was a leader, perhaps a politician, gave a speech to her supporters, who cried. The commercials were easier to understand--an android tablet, haircare, an entertainment show, and a touching phone company ad about a daughter listening to a family event via cell phone.

We headed to the Escape Coffee Shop in Allen, where we connected to the internet via tablet computer, and each listened to his favorite music. I chose Brian Eno's "Music for Airports" track 1/1, among other songs.
My young friend was listening to the band Rammstein. I read up a bit via browser and told him about the Neue Deutsch Harte musical movement from which the band sprang, explaining the words and what they meant.

After I dropped my friend off at his house, I drove to the Plano Fire Station unit on Seacrest Road. My physician had suggested I do a check on the accuracy of my blood pressure cuff by going to the Fire Station. I had never heard of this before, but I found on the internet that the Plano fire station, staffing permitting, gives free blood pressure checks. Sure enough, a fireman on watch duty went asked a paramedic to bring a very fancy electronic gizmo, which was then used to measure my blood pressure. Then I hooked up my much less impressive gizmo. The two readings, though not identical, were pretty close to one another. I was grateful that the courteous fireman would assist me in this way.

In the evening, my wife and I met our friends Scott and Donna at the Stonebridge AMC theater to watch
the movie "Red Tails". We quite enjoyed this film, with its retro feel but fresh enthusiasm. Then we all went to a Cheesecake Factory, where I had a chicken chili. We stayed out a bit too late for me, but I was able to get a good night's sleep.

I rose early this morning and went to the 8:15 a.m. church service. The sermon was about reaching out to help others. I enjoyed listening to the Neil Sperry garden show as I drove to and from church. My wife
left soon after church to join a friend to see the Gautier exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art.
I watched an on-demand episode of "A Gifted Man" and then watched an on-demand indie film called "Peter and Vandy", directed and written by Jay DiPietro. The movie was a good watch, using the chronology scramble device to good effect. I enjoyed the two key actors, Jess Weixler and Jason Ritter, and was pleased to see Jesse Martin from Law and Order as well.

I went to Weight Watchers. I was up only .4 pounds, despite the popcorn and bread I ate Saturday night. I am down 36.4 pounds since March of last year, though 11 or so were aided by the 'bland food' diet on which I was placed just after my medical procedure.

When I arrived home, I took Teddy for a walk. She cannot walk but a block or two at a time, but is glad to get the time outdoors. The day was windy but the weather was in the 70s. Then I took Beatrice around Glendover Pond. She stopped to be greeted by two little girls of age seven or eight. They hugged her and she
enjoyed the attention. She was far less impressed with two Boston terriers, even though their owners correctly guessed "puggle?". Bea is good with kids but tends to ignore other dogs.

I've worked a bit today, and otherwise rested. The coming week will be a busy one, but I will work to
make it productive.

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