Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

in the dawn-time

In the dawn-time, I read a good bit of Nathan Lowell's sci-fi space opera, "Quarter Share". This is the first in the series of interesting merchant-marine-in-space novels of which I had previously read the third. It's another really good read--I'm flying through it.

Prior to work, I drove my Equinox to Huffines Chevrolet for its first oil change. That was smooth. Today proved a busy day at work. I had lots of preparations to make beyond those of the normal day. I loved walking to Boston Market in 60 degree weather at lunch. After work, I drove to Nissan of McKinney, where my wife had dropped her Altima for its routine maintenance.

We then went to Wasabi in McKinney, where the plate dinner known as a 'bento box' was on sale for $ 9.99, about half of the usual price. I loved my "farm box": miso soup, chicken teriyaki, sashimi, a roll, a little salad, and tempura. My wife told me about her work.

I am slated for a medical procedure at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow at Baylor Medical Center. When they did my CT scan the day before Thanksgiving, it showed something they think may be affecting my potassium readings. Tomorrow's procedure is designed to address it. We will drive into Dallas for a 5:30 a.m. check-in. The procedure is scheduled to be relatively quick and laparoscopic. The time at Baylor will hopefully be similarly brief. They may be done with me tomorrow, or they may keep me a day or so, barring the unforeseen. I am intrigued by the whole process, having worked through worry and now allowed my curious sci-fi exploratory inclinations take over. I've done a lot of reading on the topics at hand, and gained a lot of understanding of it all, in my own, mildly intuitive, whimsical way. Lots of the likely outcomes are very good. Still, the future will have much to teach me. I plan to set my alarm clock for an early hour. We'll see what tomorrow holds.

I loved the woman from the hospital who called to tell me that insurance pre-approved everything but a very reasonable y dollars of co-pay. She then graciously asked if I wanted to pay y by credit card over the phone. I am not much for the credit card over the phone solution, so I thanked her profusely and told her we would write a check in the dawn-time.

I had to text my young friend that I let the weekdays get away from me, what with some work matters, and cannot get together with him this weekend. I am self-critical about that, knowing I should have managed my leisure time better. But if all goes well, there will be other weekends, and time enough. But who can tell what the time will tell? I am looking forward to telling time. Today is always the dawn-time of whatever tomorrow holds.

This was to be our trip to the Texas hill country, but I am looking forward to the time told at dawn on the next hill past this procedure.

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