Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

KC Christmas

We had a very nice Christmas in Kansas City. I flew up Friday, My wife had flown up on Thursday. My sister-in-law and her kids picked me up at the airport. I ate a pancake at Sharp's. We then met my wife at the Kansas City Zoo. It was fun to spend time with my wife's sister and our niece, age 6 and nephew, age 4. The polar bear enjoyed the cold weather. One of the staff told us about the personalities of the orangutans.

We had done most of our shopping prior to getting to town. We did stop by the Plaza, the traditional shopping area in Kansas City. Our favorite jewelry store lost a sale by smirking when my wife asked a reasonable question for more information about a past purchase.

We had Christmas Eve lunch with my wife's other sister and her 15 year old daughter. We ate very good BBQ at Jackstack. Then we went to a huge antique mall at about 6700 Quivira. It was very 1960s and 1970s nostalgic. We did not buy much of anything, but enjoyed the company.

We went to Village Presbyterian for a 7 p.m. Christmas Eve service. The organist was very good. At the end, as is traditional, the full church stood with candles, singing "Silent Night".

We celebrated Christmas morning with my wife's father and his wife, where the family gathers for brunch on Christmas day to open presents. Then we spent the afternoon with my wife's step-mother's family. I loved my sister-in-law's gingerbread souffle', and my wife's step-mother's brother's prime rib. This day, unlike the others, I over-indulged in food.

We head back today. It was a very good Christmas

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