Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

return to potassium

Today I worked until 2:30 p.m., then drove into Dallas to the Baylor Hospital. This was a "pre-check" for a visit I will pay next week. I was so pleased with how efficient and friendly everyone was with me. Because my father was a family doctor, I tend to be very pro-medical-professionals. Perhaps that predisposition exudes into the air, like a fine fragrance, making everyone feel just a bit elevated. In any event, it was a good visit, and not, as I previously imagined Scrooge-esquely, convened for the principal purpose of extracting payments.

I returned to work at 5 p.m., and finished up some projects. Then I drove home and played with my wonderful two dogs. One is ~12 and one is 17, but they are both still full of life. I think sometimes how lucky I am to have as a mission in life the care and play of two fine dogs.

I finished my space opera, learned it was 3rd in a series, and learned that it had started life as a podcast. No wonder it had a Dickensian chapter-by-chapter episodic feel. I bought two more e-books by the same author, and somewhat darker space opera by a different author, to have more things to read. I reviewed on-line the book that I just finished.

I ate roast turkey at Dickey's BBQ tonight. A chill is creeping into the night air. I am one of those people who loves Christmas, less for its boisterousness and gifts than for its quiet and wintry grace.

I forgot to pick up my potassium medicine,and logistics dictated that I drive all the way to Garland, near my work, to pick it up tonight. I enjoyed hearing "Fresh Air" on the radio, discussing this year's films and the fellow who wrote the wonderful "have yourself a merry little Christmas".

My new EP is up to 401 downloads. Downloads are not important, in the sense that twitter follower counts are not important. But both are like wires from Radio Shack, a chance for connection and integrated circuits.
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