Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tea tree upcharge

Today proved particularly and unexpectedly busy and stressful at work. I was quite relieved when I finally, a bit later than planned, made it to the Williams-Sonoma at Park and Preston in Plano to finish up some Christmas shopping. This store always has attentive staff lined up who direct one to the right place for this and for that. The woman who helped me was a gem---I wish I had thanked her more effusively. I was in and out in nearly no time, and could have been out even more quickly had I not browsed a bit. I had a similar experience at Cabela's in Allen, where a listed item would have to be mail-ordered in, but the information desk guy was so helpful that he processed my order in no time.

At lunch today I headed to the franchise haircut place in the little grocery-store-shopping area near my work. The woman who cut my hair did a good job, though ultimately, as near as I can tell, she up-charged for the shampoo she used to wash my hair without having explained that this was a feature of the shampoo she mentioned she wished to use. As the overall price was still very reasonable, even with a gratuity, I did not express my concern, but I noticed, and will remember, which is hardly a great endorsement for a store's future with me. I would say something melodramatic like "I'll never go there again", but actually, I will go there when it suits me--it just won't suit me as often. I never mind when people try to up-market things a bit, but I like to know the details before a charge is incurred.

I realized today that the sci-fi which I am reading has not featured any wars, violence or skullduggery. That's a nice change in a sci-fi.

I dropped off a prescription to be filled, only to find that the pharmacy does not stock the medicine. I will have to pick it up tomorrow at 3. I felt like saying to them that since I am a regular, and I had ordered the same medicine last month, it might be a safe bet to keep the supplies on hand for a monthly deal, but actually, I do not expect the pharmacy to be The Amazing Kreskin.

I began my morning playing with Pivot Stickfigure Animator, the easiest of the freeware animation programs to master. I used to spend my time designing elaborate stickfigures to put into little movies, but now I am intrigued with the idea of just using a few rods shapring and re-shaping themselves as a stand-in for everything. I see new, minimal vistas ahead.

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