Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

song and pond

Sunday morning we went to the 8:15 a.m. service at the church to which we belong, First United Methodist here in Allen. A performance of "Messiah, an Oratorio", by Handel, awaited us. A huge combined choir and a moderate-ized ensemble of musicians performed the piece. The service went very well, from the opening notes to the closing chorus. We liked it very much.

After the service, I took young Beatrice for a walk. A pleasant passerby, who escorted a sweatered yorkie named Yogi, mistook Beatrice for a puppy. This understandable error happens from time to time; indeed, nearly six yeas ago, we first mistook her for a black labrador puppy. As her age has advanced (we estimate she is about 12), a nice bit of white frosting has appeared on her face and her feet. Still, she sometimes is mistaken for younger than her age.

I wish I could report that the inquisitive Yogi the yorkie inspired the beginnings of a fast friendship in Bea, but Beatrice is a people person and not a friend to canines. We moved on, having neither a friend nor (despite a stray guttural growl-like bit of conversation) an enemy made.

bare trees

I like bare trees. The little pond was full of mallards. A woman was feeding bread to the park geese. As we continued our walk, a large great egret flew overhead. We also saw a hawk, who let the neighborhood know of his presence with the kree, kree cries common to his kind.

In the afternoon, I went to Weight Watchers. I am in one of my plateaus, with weight coming on and then going off. Today was particularly deflating (or inflating), as I gained 3.4 pounds for the week. This brings my total lost for the year down to 25 or so, which is not at all a bad figure in and of itself, but means I may have squandered an opportunity to be at 35 instead. Time has taught me, though, to take these things in stride, and stride I will.

In the evening, I addressed holiday cards. I still have some cards to go, but I did get a goodish few out.

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