Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ring-billed gulls

Did you ever wish to be a ring-billed gull? I am not sure I have. But I can see an argument for wishing to be one.

Let's take piers, for example. Some people see piers as place to walk. Some people see them as places to fish. But ring-billed gulls understand they are places to congregate and stand.

seagulls on the pier

My young friend and I saw lots of gulls in Bob Woodruff Park in Plano today, where they were swimming, flying and confidently pier-standing.

We also saw tufted titmouse, robin, cormorant, mallard duck, American coot, common grackle, and blue jay. We walked about 70 minutes on a sidewalk trail through a woodland edge. We passed friendly dogs and those dogs' personal attendants. We had a good time.

We also visited the Mexican restaurant Chuy's,where I had a grand green chili stew. My young friend found an album to download from

Later this afternoon, I went to Big Lots and bought a lot of toys. Monday I will find a charity to which to donate them, as I was too late today to get to the fire station.

Tonight my wife and I went to the Allen Public Library for a concert called "A Scandinavian Christmas". Two brilliant accordion players played songs from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Shetland Islands, and the sub-Arctic areas. A Finnish-American couple sang a lovely carol whose name I did not catch. The more skilled accordion player, a Russian man who got conservatory training there, showed his skill with an effortless ease. The collection of polkas, scottisches, and humorous folk tunes was quite entertaining. I particularly liked the fellow who played the jaws harp of the Sammi people of Norway, called a munnharp. I loves its drone-like, aboriginal quality. The accordion players played button accordions with five rows of buttons. Each had an instrument with an in-built sampler and synthesizer, allowing for lots of disparate sounds to be created.

My wife and I adjourned to a local Tex-Mex eatery, which served competent but not spectacular food. Tomorrow I hope to address more holiday cards.

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