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Today I met with a specialist on the little health matter that keeps me interested lately. After my CT scan the day before Thanksgiving, we appeared to have narrowed things down a bit. Today I met with the fellow who might take the next step in working out the puzzle. I really liked him. He was great--explaining the options, avoiding euphemism, and setting forth what we know and what we do not yet know. I find, over time, that I like doctors to be like Scottish terriers--to the point, non-fanciful, and with more substance than flash.

I've done a fair bit of reading since the day before Thanksgiving, so that I had a decent vocabulary for what he was telling me. The bottom line is that prior to making the decision as to the next step, he sent me to the lab, which took yet another blood sample from me, so that another set of tests could be done. Then we'll see what is the next step. Nothing sounded like a great concern, but nothing is quite settled. We set up a tentative date to handle the next step, if indeed the lab work dictates that result. The woman at the lab who drew my blood was really great. When I was a kid, giving me a shot required my father's now-late nurse to deal with more than the usual reluctance and recalcitrance. I was afraid of shots. Now getting my blood drawn is like an old, familiar friend. A bit promiscuous in its familiarity, for that matter, as I had to have blood drawn by two different offices today, for two related but distinct reasons.

My new netlabel release on Treetrunk Records, Weights and Measures, has been downloaded 276 times in 12 days. My first release, Eerie Exchange Prairie Park, got 99 downloads in 38 days back in 2005. An Argentine weblog called "Music Selection" gave a brief, favorable review,
saying that the EP is "like a little dream from beginning to end". Substitute the word "daydream" for "dream", and the phrase is my own view. I know more about making music now than I did in 2005, which is both good and bad.

I began my Christmas shopping yesterday. I have not made my own wish list, nor yet checked it twice. I ate pho ga' for dinner, as my wife is out doing her shopping. Now I have an action plan, and I'm ready for action.
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