Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

dutch harbor

Today the photo holiday cards I created with the help of flickr and snapfish came in, both at home and at work. I like this relatively new holiday ritual of making my own holiday cards with photos. I used to make them with simpler drawings, but photos work better.

I felt productive today at work. We had sauteed' pork loin for dinner. We watched "Modern Family", which had a Christmas episode, and then the old Waltons episode that is set on Pearl Harbor Day. I did not have any relatives at Pearl Harbor, but I did have an uncle who was at Dutch Harbor, in the Aleutians, in June 1942, when the Japanese bombed there.

The December cold makes the agonizing heat of last Summer a distant memory. I hope to hike in the cold this Saturday, to feel the warm energy of motion amid chill course through me.

I want to start some new on-line postal chess games. I want to organize a free-admission chess tournament in 2012. I want to attend a dog show in Arkansas in February. I want to get through the next week in good order. I want to address my holiday cards, and get my shopping started and finished.

I'm enjoying the space opera I am reading. My wife put up a lovely small "kitchen tree", to go with our larger 'real' tree. I believe in large sugar cookies and small worries.

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