Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a few flakes and paid time off

Yesterday a few flakes of snow were on the ground--not even what one might call an accumulation, but more like a faint memory. The roads were unaffected. I was glad I wore a pullover sweater over my shirt, as my office was slightly chilly.

This week employees of the local Collin County district clerk's office, including the district clerk, got convicted of wrongdoing relating to campaigning during office hours. Apparently, the indictment alleged that they received paid time off to campaign "off the books". They were sentenced to probation but removed from office, as part of a post-conviction plea bargain. On the one hand, I ponder if this type of matter should be handled as a personnel matter rather than as a criminal matter. The prosecution gave the appearance of having some small-p politics involved in ti. On the other hand, I ponder why anyone imagined that campaigning for district clerk required the use of business hours and paid time off to accomplish. The whole thing is a puzzle, about ultimately I have lots of opinions, but no one opinion.

I've got that weariness that suggests that a spot of cold may be coming in with the cold weather. So far I've successfully been "resting it away". I hope my winning streak continues. I learned Monday evening that I do not have to fly to Cincinatti this week, which will help.

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