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Tonight I drove the "long way home", past cattle-laden fields, watching pastel sunsets radiate
spring grass and blooming ornamental trees, small towns alive with possibility, here a neat wooden church, there a row of manufactured housing in yards kept meticulously neat. A small girl lost in the moment played soccer in her front yard.
I stopped at Lake Lavon to photo pink clouds,
stopped at the pancake house to ingest blueberry
pancakes, stopped at Dollar General to do my usual "look for quirky things costing a dollar" and picked up the Anderson*Wakeman*Howe album,
which was nestled by the cash register. The clerk said "former members of Yes? I never heard of Yes. People keep saying so and so is with this famous band or other, but I never heard of any of them". As I pulled toward home, that Inner Critic
said "why didn't you wait and buy Fragile? why would you buy the twenty years later rehash album?" Then my Inner Champion of Bad Poetry and
Fanciful Pretense answered, pragmatically, "because the CD was on sale for 5 dollars within easy reach of the cash register; want art? work on product placement". This new version of "Roundabout" is a bit more in touch with the jazz
side than the original's kinda would be chorale feel. Very nice. Music seems to be on my mind, because this morning I sat down at and drafted a review of Black Oak Arkansas' "If an Angel Came to See You, would You Make Her Feel at Home?". Arkansas roots aside, I cannot imagine
a band of folks more different than myself,
but I've always liked that this bunch of guys
essentially started from scratch, and put together something enormously amusing on little more than whimsy and hard work. I'm a big fan of
whimsy and hard work. The folks on epinion voted this review very helpful. On another note,
I asked Jim Brenholts, who does a lot of ambient reviews, to look at my Heasley epinions review.
He was very helpful, staking out the position that reviewers should not write in 1st person. I think I agree with him, but I don't always follow that maxim. When I was a teen, though, I made it a point in all my letters that the personal pronouns "I" and "we" never appeared....enough looking inward, look outward, I "get" Jim, and am grateful for the thought. I was driving past fields of frightening sparse beauty tonight
singing the BOA song "Gravel Roads"...."well, driving fast on gravel roads/shakes a new truck to pieces/and life is like that gravel road/the shaking always increases". I'm in the mood for musich lately, and buying CDs of things I own in lunch today, it was the BOA album,
801 Live (I'll never forget when a college roommate told me "hey, that 'You Really Got Me' that 801 does, that's a *van halen* song),
and Be Bop Deluxe's Axe Victim ("Jets at Dawn" bursts from me now, like a song of renewal).

Now my regression will be complete, if I can just convince my wife to go to the Jethro Tull concert in FW in June....

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