Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

brief visit to the city of my birth

This morning the temperature was 37 degrees. I got detained on a very early morning call with Weight Watchers about changing credit cards, which was needlessly involved due to poor UX on the membership website. I cut it close on getting to my flight to San Antonio, especially since
the traffic on this inclement day was quite slow. I made my flight, though. My business lunch was a very nice caldo de pollo downtown. Though I do not speak Spanish at all, really, I am amused by how near-fluent I can get when a meal is in the offing. After my meeting, I caught an earlier plane than scheduled, and landed at rush hour. I ate dinner at a latin chicken place at which I was the only patron at 6 p.m. Indeed, the staff was sitting down to a meal of sandwiches just as I left. My meal was pretty good at Plano's Pollo Regio, except that "no dressing" somehow was misheard by the staff, who delivered me a salad with dressing.

I enjoyed reading a sci-fi on my e-reader during the flight. Tonight we might get a flake or two of snow, but probably will not. A business trip later in the week just got cancelled, so that I can focus on getting things done without the need to travel in wintry weather.

I'm listening to the radio about the European debt situation, and realizing that dynamic economic changes may be in the immediate future. We'll see what happens next--but it is a bit worrying.

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