Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

chill but not downtempo

Today the weather proved very chilly and very rainy. I hope the rain continues, as I would love to see our "stage 3" drought end in time for next Spring's flowers.

Our dryer departed from this world to an afterlife well-earned after a virtuous several years of faithful operation. I took the washed load to the laundromat at Alma and Parker in Plano. I used to love laundromats, because they are ideal places to read, and, when isolation permits, to sing to oneself. This laundromat had lots of machines, meaning that even with lots of users one could get a good dryer with no fuss/no muss.

The cost to dry a load for 30 minutes was 1 dollar and 25 cents. I found a chair and read several chapters of a sci-fi space opera I downloaded last night from Barnes & Noble. The half-hour worked wonders for my clothing, making this a nearly-perfect quick laundromat experience. On the way back home I picked up bananas and clementines, as I suspected that yesterday's weariness may be banana-lack-related.

My wife and I went to Weight Watchers, where I found that I had lost once more 3.6 of the 3.8 pounds I gained during Thanksgiving. The new leader there, Mary, is quite good, though it is her first spell as the leader. I infer from her presentation style that she once taught classes, though she said only that her day job is that she is "employed by a school district".

This week Weight Watchers debuted its "points plus 2012", a slightly different take on its weight loss program. The changes were minimal, amounting to lowering the minimum points a bit and allowing a bit more flexibility in points targets. We stayed for an extra presentation, but without meaning any criticism of Mary, the new material did not justify the extra time, and even was topped off with a bit of product promotion beyond the necessary.

I began actively pursuing Weight Watchers for the second time on March 20, 2011. Since that time I am just shy of 30 pounds lost, which is good progress. I still wish to lose 21 or so pounds more. The losses are a bit less brisk now. My goal is to have lost those pounds by year end 2012.

We proceeded to Sears, where a super-capable employee named Pete rapidly fulfilled our request to buy a
dryer which is the fraternal twin to this year's washer purchase. Our dryer will arrive next Friday.

I fantasize about taking a Texas Panhandle weekend. Evening 1, one would drive to Wichita Falls. Day 2 one would drive to Amarillo,visit its museums and see nearby Palo Duro Canyon, which is something like the second largest canyon after the Grand Canyon. Day three would begin at Caprock Canyons State Park, and then drive most or all of the way home. I will wait for good weather in 2012 to see if I can have such a weekend.

The Toys R Us catalog in today's Sunday newspaper featured a sale on a radio-controlled helicopter with a camera inside. I watched a great Youtube product review which showed the camera in action. It looked fun! But I do not know if I will get this camera. I imagined taking aerial photos of panhandle canyons.
I am still inclined to try to get a radio controlled boat, and somehow affix an underwater camera to it.
We'll see.

I watched the local sports team get upset by a team which usually upsets it. I learned that my Arkansas Razorbacks will play in the local Cotton Bowl this year. Tomorrow I must fly to San Antonio for the day.
I am glad today was such a restful day.

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