Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

and counting

The kind folks at one doctor's office gave me the referral today for the second doctor's office. Late today I was able to get an appointment set up in 11 days or so. Although 11 days is longer than I usually must wait for an appointment, I am glad that Dallas lacks the "I had to wait for months for an appointment" of which I sometimes hear on the east and west coast. Still, if it were up to me, I'd have the next appointment tomorrow, because I am firmly of the "knowledge is power" school of thoughtful meandering.

My new netlabel release garnered 48 downloads in its first day at, which is a pleasant if not earth-shattering number. I was reading about the .flac audio format, a lossless yet compact way to package netaudio, and thinking how cool it is that people to develop such useful softstuff on an open source basis.

The weather is chilly in the mornings. Ted sleeps on the floor by my side of the bed. She is getting older by the week, as we all are, but in her the aging is pronounced. I listened to a radio interview with a man who wrote a book about Aaron Burr.

The Rockwall County judges gave a good talk at the Garland Bar Association. I liked their picture of all three judges standing next to the cool cupola to the new country courthouse, pre-cupola-capping. Everyone deserves to be in a preliminary sketch or a building materials photo op.

I am fond of the free Tomahawk media player, certainly the best way to organize the music on one's computer I have found lately. I am fond of clementines. I am fond of running the search term "gurdonark" through google+. I favor raisin bran for breakfast. When I have eggs, I always prefer them scrambled. I hope that life exists on the moon Europa.

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