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weights and measures

Poll #1799650 Address book substitute:

What is your name and address, so that I may send you a holiday card or some such? Feel free to leave your work address or some such, as I am not interested in invading your privacy. Do not feel that you have to reciprocate, because life has enough obligations without holiday cards imposing another.

Today my new EP, "Weights and Measures" received its release on the cool netlabel Treetrunk Records. It's a Creative Commons free-download thing, as netlabel releases tend to be. Although sometimes my music can be a bit off-kilter and non-traditional, this set of songs is relatively more geared to gentle electronic melodies.

[cover art: Thomas Mathie,]

If you'd like to read the liner notes and download, then just go here:

Weights and Measures at

If you'd like to hear it on a simple player, then here you go:

I'm pleased to see it released, and grateful to mystified13 for releasing it. I may have a service make me CD-Rs of it, as a physical momento, though I begin to wonder if the world doesn't have enough physical momento things lying about.

In other news, my periodontist advises that my oral procedure healed nicely, and released me to go to my
general dentist. I am still waiting for a call as to who my specialist will be for my other bit of health adventure. I'm amused that I am getting very calendar-conscious about getting it scheduled.

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