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flower lights and meadowlarks

Prior to my 7:30 a.m. test Wednesday at Baylor, I was given a contrast drink that promised it was a berry smoothie but has a more milk/yogurt/mildly sweet flavor.
I like the CT Scan apparatus. Not only did I get to have my first IV injection, I also found myself intrigued by the doughnut-like machinery, the robotic voice saying "breathe in" and "breathe" and the "do not stare at the laser" sign. When the contrast agent was piped in intravneously, I felt a rush a bit like having my face too close to the heater.

Wednesday evening I stood outside a Boston Market in Garland, waiting for my wife to pick me up to take me to Arkansas. I got a cell phone call from my specialist, advising me that the test results were already back. My CT test had been administered to explain this and that in my personal health outlook. The test was to determine, in part, if I had condition aa or bb or even cc. The test appears to have excluded bb, the option that would have led to an exciting new medication for me.The next step will be to see if I have aa or cc. I was pleased to get the test back the same day I took it. So far the resulting news is what I had expected, and causes no qualms. I am happy that my doctor got in touch with me so soon, especially given the holiday weekend. I have learned a lot of new vocabulary words.

We drove home to Arkansas for Thanksgiving. My father's wife made a wonderful turkey dinner, topped off with gingerbread men.

gingerbread men, thanksgiving 2011

We had a great visit with my father, his wife, my brother, his wife and son, my sister's two children, and my father's wife's two grown children. Thursday afternoon my nephew defeated me at three games of chess.Thursday evening my brother, his son, my father's wife and I played Monopoly, which was fun.

Friday afternoon my wife and I went to the holiday display at Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs. We listened to most of what proved to be Arkansas' loss to LSU in a football game as we drove down scenic and rural highway 9.

About an hour before dark, we arrived at the garden, and we stayed until 6.30 p.m. The holiday display was lovely:

white tree


light train

gingerbread men

Firewheel flowers

Lake Hamilton vista

flower lights

Autumn bridge

Lights and leaves

We drove back home last Friday night.

On Saturday, I visited the Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve, at which I saw lots of meadowlarks, snow geese and raptors. I wish that my kestrel and harrier pictures had turned out better (they are omitted here0 but I still was pleased with what I could see.

Meadowlark on a tree trunk


Oil and a nature preserve


red field


I drove back to Allen on country roads, past cows:


I stopped to see the poinsettias at Crump's garden nursery in McKinney:


Visiting the tables of poinsettias just after Thanksgiving is one of my holiday traditions. I bought a red kolanche for 7 dollars and 93 cents.

This has been a great Thanksgiving holiday.

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