Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

thousands of miles from avonlea

I slept on and off last night--waking at 3, but then falling asleep again in good order an hour or so later. At 9 my young friend and I headed over to Trinity Trail, where we walked for an hour. I liked the colorful blue seed pods on the cedar trees. There was a sense of Fall foliage and leaves. The morning was warm but overcast with dark clouds. Crows flew everywhere. We enjoyed the walk to Hiker's Point and back.

We stopped at the doughnut shop on McDermott, where I got a cinnamon roll, and my friend got a jalapeno kolache. Then we drove up to Sherman, and spent time at the Hastings Coffee Shop there, where my friend used my laptop and the wi-fi to explore videos, while I read an old favorite, "Anne of Green Gables", on my droid tablet. I often think it's unfortunate that this particular children's classic's sequels kept getting weaker and weaker, as the first book is a joy to read. My friend and I later dined on turkey burgers at Fuddrucker's in McKinney. My friend reminded me that I once said I would never own an SUV, and now I do own a CRV. I think about whether I "should have" gotten the smaller Chevrolet Cruze, but in general I am content with my decision. At least my gas mileage, at 31 mpg, compares with and perhaps exceeds my prior Sonata.

I came back home and watched the Arkansas Razorbacks defeat Mississippi State in a televised game. Now I'm waiting for my wife to arrive home from her shopping and errands.

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