Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Rx for a green smiley face

Yesterday morning I went to see a doctor. My check-up some weeks ago yielded a test which showed less than the usual range of x to y of element K. I visited a specialist to ascertain what, if anything, was appropriate to do in light of this puzzling bit of arithmetic. Some weeks ago I had had an initial appointment. Yesterday I had a follow-up to find out what my lab work showed.

I like the doctor. He uses a small netbook computer to keep track of everything. He is good about explaining things, even though sometimes I have to get him to repeat things for reasons that his vocabulary is medical and mine is whimsical.

The follow-up yielded a direction he wishes to pursue. I now will be scheduled for test c to examine organ z for signs of aa or bb. The likely conditions aa or bb sounded like distinct but solvable issues, and a possibility of a more disturbing condition cc sounded remote. He prescribed a medicine to bring my element K back between x and y, as I am still below x. He even looked up information about the medicine's cost on his little netbook, which literally showed, in lieu of a price, that my health plan assigns this medicine a green smiley face. A green smiley face is good, so far as I understand facial expressions of icons. We set up a follow-up visit in three weeks, once the test is done. He seemed intrigued by this matter of K and maybe aa and maybe bb, as apparently neither aa nor bb is an everyday situation.

I went back to my office later in the morning, and began working as usual. I did not get the call to cement the next little test, so I will follow up on that Friday.

After work Thursday I went to the Salvation Army to give free legal advice. This only took fifty minutes--perhaps the mild chill in the night air suppressed attendance. My last client interview was with a woman who had experienced recent challenges that reminded me that two possible, treatable conditions, aa or bb, are much less challenging than really gripping problems that folks can face.
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