Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

waiting in Laredo

Here is a picture of Lake Casa Blanca, just outside Laredo,Texas:

Lake Casa Blanca

This is a tense time in which I am hoping for a particular bit of good news.

This is a picture of scrub:hiking trail, lake casa blanca state park

Cacti, scrub trees, a drought-afflicted lake, and waiting for news.

I am less than three miles from the Mexican border, but I will not cross into Nuevo Laredo. I have not been to Laredo in roughly 25 years. It's larger and different than my memory of the city. I ate a very late lunch/early dinner at pollo palenque, a casual fast serve place that accompnied flame-roasted chicken with beans, rice and corn tortillas. I like that kind of casual fare. The rental Toyota Yaris I am driving makes me wonder at what it will be like to drive a large CRV.

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