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Tuesday I reported to my periodontist's office. I lacked a periodontist until recent history, when my general dentist advised me that a space between two teeth required periodontal intervention. I looked with less than perfect enthusiasm upon this prospect, as I experienced no discomfort and no sense of an imminent threat. Still, my dentist said I must go to the periodontist, and my peridontist advised that I must have an osseus procedure. 

I dutifully took my anti-biotic Monday evening, and reported for my procedure Tuesday afternoon. Though I had understood that the procedure might be painful, the heavy local anesthetic waylaid any real discomfort. The periodontal wizard and his helpful assistant were an efficient and congenial machine, completing the process in an hour or so. I went home a bit sutured but none the worse for wear. I am in awe of things like medical procedures that work with their own internal scientific wisdom, not entirely comprehensible to me.

I went through two days of "cold food only" and now have graduated to soft warm food. In another week or ten days, I may be past all of this. I hope that it is not the calm before the storm, but thus far mild discomfort is the worst effect. It's true that I watch what I eat and drink. It's also true that I am not quite 100% myself, but instead am hovering in the 90s somewhere. I am not allowed to exercise before Saturday.  Yet this is really not a bad hand to be dealt, this particular procedure, and I am glad it's worked out well so far.

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