Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

leicestershire fictions

From time to time, I get an e-mail from a kind soul out in the wide world accessible via the internet, advising me of how my music has been used. Today the e-mail came a student at Brooksby-Melton College in the United Kingdom. One of my songs, "Snow Geese at Hagerman Wildlife Reserve", is the soundtrack for a 6 minute short work of fiction. Tonight I got a chance to see the video, which was well done indeed. My understanding is that the film will be submitted to film festivals. I hope that--and believe that--it will get accepted. We'll see.

Tonight I worked late. As my wife had not picked up the mail, I walked outside to get it. I saw the moon in a tiny clearing amid a huge field of fluffy clouds. From the crape myrtle tree, a bird chirrupped something--perhaps a complaint, perhaps merely "I am here, I am here".

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