Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hawks and wetlands

Today I rose early to fly to a business meeting in Fort Bend County. I like that part of Texas, southwest of Houston, more or less. It features plains and trees and lots of wetlands. It is a bit north of "tropical Texas" but well south in feeling of my local areas in north Texas. I like the hawks. I liked that I drove by two guitar stores. I am glad to be back home tonight.

I did not realize until today that the "map" application on my cell phone will not only show a map, but will show, with a neat cursor, my own proximity to that location. I like learning obvious but novel things everyday.

Beatrice knocked over a water glass in an effort to feloniously scout out a TV tray. She grew duly penitent when confronted with her many sins and iniquities. I know that her penitence is my projection rather than her emotion, but I am content to live with the
platonic notion that her canine-ness is the form for a reality more complex and wonderful than I could realize (though I suspect that Beatrice understands it all already). I petted her to reassure her when she seemed nervous about my reaction.

President Obama was in Mesquite today, not twenty minutes from my office, but in point of fact I was not at my office today, but
waiting for a flight delay from Houston after something about the presidential visit affected air traffic control at the Dallas airports.

I read an article about community college and university graduation rates and the time it takes folks who get a degree to get a degree. I thought to myself that more kids need more help with more scholarships, and that this need is every bit as palpable at non-elite institutions as at the elite.

I lost an eBay auction tonight, and I am glad.

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