Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

flycatcher, garland, texas

flycatcher, garland, texas, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Last night my friend Greg, who lives in Tulsa, came over for a visit. He is on a business trip nearby. We drank root beers and talked, and were joined by my wife when she finally got off a late day at work. It's good to talk of this and that and everything.Today after a lunch of chicken, I stopped at Duck Creek in Garland to walk on the little sidewalk paths. At first all I saw was a huge American crow, but then I saw a charming and very vocal red-bellied woodpecker. Then I saw the little pictured flycatcher, which I thought then was a great crested, but now appears to me to be an eastern phoebe. They winter here, and Summer here, and some come and some go. This one was really a handsome fellow.

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