Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

simple stuff

I was thinking this morning about the childrens' television lessons that one learns from keeping a weblog. Here are a few that came to mind:

1. if one is to be un-friended, try to be un-friended for being oneself, rather than for being someone else;
2. no matter how exciting it seems, it's usually better placed behind the cut;
3. A simple formula lets one calculated the value of advice given via a weblog comment:
Value of Advice= 100 times seven, then times 6, then divide by 42 and then subtract 100, or perhaps subtract 101.
4. most of us need a little playtime and a fair bit of naptime
5. if you follow any weblog for years, you'll find that lots of things happen.
6. Folks get offended over nothing sometimes, but can on the other hand fail to be pleased by anything.
7. Everyone feels a bit misunderstood.
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