Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


I wrote my evening post about things we take on faith and things we take by hearsay and the many literary associations we bring to everything we see and do. I told my little story about dominos, nightmares, leprechauns, card casinos, bocce, hedge apples, possessed cinematic boy dolls, dreams, and a city park near Olympic or Pico in Los Angeles. I even managed to edit it down so that I would not have to burden people with either a long post or the lj cutting thing. I hit that cool button that says "update journal", but instead of the reassurance that my post had been entered, I got the IE notation that the website could not be contacted. In the past, this has happened, and repeated posting just makes for duplicate posts. I hit the "recent" key to see if it had posted notwithstanding the error flag. It had not posted, so I tried to go back to the journal update. Sadly, though the "update journal" was now blank. Now the post is lost. It's no great denial to posterity--it just started with a set of one dollar dominos and went downhill from there. But I placed just the tiniest slice of my soul into that post, and now it's gone. I feel just like the boy in the cartoon when the kite gets hung in the tree.
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