Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Things that make sense

I love things that make sense. Let's take a slinky, for example. Use it as it is supposed to be used, and it slinks along nicely, a pleasant little spring with which to play. Stretch it too far, and it gets bent out of shape. Play with one that is bent out of shape, and it still is playable, but not as much fun. Play dough is much the same. Squeeze it through those plastic molds, and it comes out in nice star and triangle patterns. Roll it between your fingers, and you can make long sticks out of it. But mix the colors together, and it comes out all brown/gray,
or leave it out too long, and it turns hard and non-playable. There's a world of other rules that are easy to understand. Leave the bike in the rain, and it rusts a bit. Sharpen the pencil too much, and the lead point breaks easily, because it is too thin. Don't move the paper until the Elmer glue is dry. Don't drink the Elsie milk when it smells unsavory.

The problem comes, of course, when we move beyond these demonstrable kindergarten phenomena. Any problem which requires more than one simple rule to solve frequently goes unsolved. I think best in one sentence solutions. I spend my life trying to distill endless problems into one sentence solutions. When it works, I can write a concise answer indeed. When it does not work,
then the solution is difficult indeed. I understood my world a lot better when I was 6 than I do now, and I expect that I understand it now a lot better than I will at twice my age.

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