Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

kestrel, wire, saturday

Saturday morning I loaded my bicycle onto my little trunk-mounted bicycle rack. Then I drove 4.9 miles south from my home to High Point Park in Plano. When I arrived at High Point Park, I found the parking lot nearly full. High Point Park hosts juvenile tackle football leagues. Lots of young boys were playing football games as their parents watched. I pulled my bicycle from the carrier. I went across Alma Drive to the trailhead of
the Bluebonnet Trail.

The Bluebonnet trail is a simple bicycle and walking trail which runs on concrete sidewalks beneath a power line cut. It is not hilly or difficult, but just a good ride of 5.39 miles each way. I set out on the trail at 9:08 am.

Here's a picture of my bicycle:

My Scattante Roma bicycle

Here are some wildflowers I saw;

wildflowers on the bluebonnet trail

I spent a fair bit of time watching a kestrel who was perched on a wire. Here I used the pencil effect from picnik.som to make an imperfect picture more appealing;

kestrel on a wire

I was pleased to see a few lovely different kinds of flowers;


The trail was easy and reasonably flat:


I had a really good time on my bicycle ride. I like easy but interesting rides.

I also took each dog for a walk Saturday. Beatrice and I went for a longer walk around Glendover Pond--perhaps a mile or so. Ted and I went for a shorter trip, to the park by the local swimming pool and back. Ted's age, some 16 3/4 years, means she isn't able to move quickly and her long walks are rarer. But she still loves a walk.

I posted a sample of piano music for possible remix on ccMixter. I thought about car shopping, but did not go.
I did watch South Carolina play Georgia in college football, and later watched Texas play something distantly approximating football against Brigham Young.

For dinner we ate cooked chicken rolled in flatbread. I fell asleep during a viewing of a video.

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