Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

one wheel to the good

Today after lunch I stopped by Springfield Park in Rowlett. I saw huge crows, a squirrel trying to open a nut,
and this immature scissortail flycatcher, who flitted from immature tree to immature tree:

scissortail flycatcher on a tree

This evening I rode my bicycle, with a bit of a mishap when a wheel came undone after a halting trip onto grass.
I re-snapped it on, but now there is a bit of noise. I'll smooth it out tomorrow. In a related note, I figured out the right inflation level for my tires tonight.

The first month of the new bicycle has been grand. My idea that each purchase should be evaluated in purchase price divided by number of uses has worked out well. My cost-per-use is still quite high, but I suspect that ultimately it will be quite reasonable indeed.

We finished a Harry Potter movie tonight. We are watching them one by one, starting at the first one, so that we can make sure we saw the whole series in order.

The weather is delightful, except that it is dry. To our south, to our east and to our west, wildfires blaze. Our local state government cut funding for volunteer fire departments rather than tap "rainy day funds" available for eras of financial difficulties. Now the firefighters are out fighting blazes, while people beg for donations. This is yet another example of how ideology is a poor substitute for government.

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