Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Nineveh and children

A cold front moved in. The morning started in the 70s and ended below 100. A brisk breeze set in.

Today we went to Suncreek United Methodist Church, where the sermon covered the bit of the Old Testament when Jonah got upset because God did not exact vengeance upon Nineveh. At the afternoon Weight Watchers meeting, i had gained .2 pounds, which brings my weight loss down to 28.2. I ordered an e-book of the poems of Wallace Stevens. We dined on sandwiches at Whichwich. My turkey sandwich came out with unwanted Thousand Island dressing on it. I am not sure if I checked the wrong box or if the order was wrong. The problem was remedied.

I rode my bicycle by Watters Creek today. I liked the oaks and other trees in the ravine near the creek.
riparian trees.

Two pre-adolescent boys walked ahead of me on the sidewalk, carrying their muddy boots on sticks. They joked with me as to whether I wished to give them my bicycle. As I rode off, they hurled an epithet or two. This is what boys of a certain age do.

My bicycle use has been consistent so far. If I stick with my plan to divide the initial purchase price by the number of rides to achieve a cost per ride, I'll soon be in manageable territory.

We watched Inspector Lewis on television. I learned about a great soundfont player called synthfont.
I am glad to have tomorrow off, but undecided on how to use the day.

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