Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

shaky green bicycle

Today I picked up my young friend at 7 a.m. We stopped in at Panera for a refreshing morning repast, taking due advantage of the wi-fi for music listening (I on my computer, my friend on his PSP). Then we walked about a bit before shopping at the Borders bookstore out-of-business sale.

We then adjourned to Wal-Mart to pick up a Philips speaker intended for use with an mp3 player, which I am advised is a useful road device for the tuneful pedestrian. Then we went to Car Toys, where a salesman named Bobby and an installer named Travis told us what stereo and speakers and amp I should install after-market in the automobile I have not yet arranged to purchase.

We went to a Chinese buffet on Plano Parkway for lunch, and then went to the Allen Public Library where we staked out a table, put on our headphones, and listened to music for a bit more than an hour.

At 4:10 in the afternoon, I set out, helmet atop head, to ride my bicycle on the Watters Branch Trail. Here is a photo of the trail:

watters branch bicycle trail.

Then I played with a great MIDI melody track my brother had created, which I ran through a piano synth and then affected with fx.

This evening my wife and I drove to Fishmongers' Cafe for grilled fish, and then, after a cooling frozen yogurt, went to see the movie "Midnight in Paris" at a rather late 9:40 showing. I found this movie my favorite Woody Allen film in decades, perhaps since "Broadway Danny Rose".

Then I took a very shaky video I took of 90 seconds of the bicycle ride on my cheap 25 dollar digi-cam,
posted it on youtube, and counted myself ready to weblog.

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