Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

you say oliphant, i say oliphant oliphant

The day began in rain. I saw distant lightning. Then the drops began to fall. The rain broke the heat. The broken heat slept past noon, and woke up, a bit grumpy, around three.

Last night I read a book by Margaret Oliphant, who apparently signed her name from time to time as Margaret Oliphant Wilson Oliphant, which is what they call a mouthful, but is, in my view, a better mouthful than a mouthful of bologna.

My wife, having been cooped up working a lot this weekend, determined to go shopping tonight. I determined to go to the Que Huong Pho, and dine on salad rolls and shrimp with vermicelli. I read the newest issue of Urban Animal, the local animal adoption paper. I always come away from that magazine impressed with how many lovely chihuahua and rat terrier mixes exist in this heartless but adoptive world.

In our backyard, two plants sprang up in a flower bed. Both were obviously the same form of cultivated plant, but we could not tell which form--a hibiscus, perhaps? The rain brought the plants into bloom, with flowers the shape of hanging bells. Lovely!

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