Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

3 pounds and happy thrushes

Today I took a short bicycle ride at 9 a.m.. Under a shade tree, I saw a mutation of robins, each seeming to enjoy foraging out of direct sunlight. I went home and briefly fell asleep, waking in time to rush over to Suncreek UMC for an 11 a.m. service. Reverend Milton Gutierrez, who is a fine sermon-giver, became the new associate pastor of that church, after having previously been the lead pastor at First UMC in Allen. I like the Methodist system of re-assigning ministers. Reverend Gutierrez gave a sermon in which he explained the burning bush with allusions to Will Rogers and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

At Weight Watchers today, the news was far from ideal. I gained 3 pounds, which counterbalanced the 3.8 pounds I had lost last week. This moved my progress from minus 31.4 to minus 28.6 pounds. As I wish to end up at minus 40 to minus 50 [the latter being my "goal" per my physician), I still have a way to go. I believe I can achieve my goal by February or so at my current rate of progress. I suppose it remains true that I cannot consume huge slices of ice box pie at a restaurant of an evening and still achieve optimal weight loss.

I fell asleep in the late afternoon, which is good, because I am still fighting off a low-grade sore throat I've been on the cusp of contracting for weeks now. Today's high was a dry 106--quite a contrast from the video of Hurricane Irene's rainy progress across the northeast.

Tonight I had a great chat with my father by phone, and then created from a piano sample and a drum-sounding sample a vaguely retro synth-sounding melody, and posted it at ccMixter.

Now I must go pick out a new e-book to read. I am thinking something in the obscure victorian/edwardian novel line, but time will tell.

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