Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

poached shrimp and 150 pages

This morning I took my dogs for a walk at 4.45 a.m., giving them some outdoors time while beating the heat. Bea saw lots of rabbits, or acted as if she did. I rode my bicycle from 8:25 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. I passed a yellow hot-air balloon, which was descending. I circled the small pond in Glendover Park. Then I rode over to the Waterford Park area to catch the Watters biking trail. I had not been on much of this trail before. I was delighted that it was shady and interesting.

I saw this heron as I rode on the sidewalk past the Avondale subdivision, heading to Waterford Park:

heron wading

This was one of two herons at the small pond. This image has some white on the underside, which makes me wonder if it's a tri-colored heron rather than a great blue heron. After I took this picture, the heron caught a little fish, which looked golden but thinner than a goldfish. Perhaps the gold was really red, and it was a rosy red minnow.

After my morning exercise, I rested and finished reading Anthony Trollope's "The Three Clerks" on my e-reader. I had been moving at 10 to 20 pages a day on this 516 page work, but this weekend I knocked out about 150 pages in a day and a half. Trollope's middle-class characters always appeal to me, even when their author's editorial voice is a bit odd, as in places on gender issues in this work. I sometimes feel that Trollope "got" something about greed and social climbing that resonates today.

My wife and I lunched at Elke's, a great cafe in Allen. I had a roast beef sandwich with tomato basil soup, and two small macaroons. We rested in the afternoon; I listened to a new ambient piece by Phillip Wilkerson.

In the late afternoon we drove to the Nissan place to get my wife's car from its regular check-up.
She's enjoyed her Altima,which we go a year ago. Then we drove to Henderon Street in Dallas to
dine with our friends Donna and Scott at Hibiscus. This eatery is rather popular, and we snagged a 5 p.m. reservation. The food was quite good, and the company grand. I had a small filet mignon with two poached shrimp, tempura green beans, and garlic spinach, followed by a dessert of ice box pie.

We drove home. My wife rested, while I watched a preseason Dallas Cowboys football game's conclusion.

The weather is extremely hot. The temperature hit 106 in the late afternoon, and stayed there for hours. It's odd to see the news about Hurricane Irene back east, while we are sweltering and dry here.

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