Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

under stormy skies

We went to Chisholm Trail, the Plano little public sidewalk trail that runs by a creek. The rains converted the little trickle creek into a rushing waterway. I chuckled and began to sing "Old Man River". Mockingbirds flitted among the trees, while geese hunted for water to drink which was not flowing so swiftly. In the middle of our walk, the rain began to fall steadily, a light,
gentle, pleasant rain. It was grand! I remembered being a kid, in the rain, dashing in puddles without fear of getting wet. My wife pulled out her umbrella, under which we both huddled for a while, but in the long run, I let her use it alone (I am much taller than she, so it does not work out well otherwise), and I walked with only my Huntington Gardens baseball cap shielding me from the rain. We went home, changed to dry clothes, and then went to the local Mimi's Cafe outlet, where I had pot roast, she had penne, and she recalled winters in KC wearing galoshes on rainy days, ice skating in the winter, and rushing down hills in a sled. The meal was grand, and I loved that the waitress had five simple earrings in about a 2 centimeter space of ear. I've spent part of the afternoon watching a football game involving teams about which I have little concern, because it's just so glorious to feel as though August is over, football is here, and God granted us the grace of another Texas summer survived.

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