Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

4.15 moon


My day started at 4:15 a.m., as I rose to get to Love Field in time for a 6:15 a.m. flight to Austin. I liked seeing the moon outside of my upstairs window. When I stood beside my car behind my home, about to get in an drive away, I saw the moon once more, nestled near Orion.

Because I had the time to do so, I rode the Capitol Flyer bus from the Bergstrom Airport in Austin into downtown. I like this bus, because it picks one up right at the terminal and takes one to 6th Street at the reasonable cost of one dollar. I got off near 6th and Brazos, and walked to a place on 3rd. I passed a young woman riding a green coaster bike on the sidewalk. Her bike had great white sidewall tires. "Great bike", I said. "Thank you,", she said, as she rode slowly by.

Today my sister celebrates her birthday. She's five years younger than I am, and lives in Alabama. A rainstorm blew into the southern parts of the DFW area today, coming in unexpectedly from east Texas rather than from the southwest. We did not get rain way up our way, which is 25 miles north, but the wind kicked up a bit, all dust-storm-like, without much dust.

I missed my turn tonight and drove up into Frisco. I remember when Frisco had very few residents, but now it is poised to grow into a town of hundreds of thousands of people. Prairie to pasture to people. The three P's of sprawl.

My phone is working so much better since I cleared out un-needed apps and presets and just keep a couple of fun apps and the great Dolphin mini-browser on it. I feel the week is on the downhill slope, and I'm eager to sled it.

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