Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

pickens lake

Today started, more or less, at a Hastings bookstore coffee shop in Sherman, Texas. I listened to the ambient artists Phillip Wilkerson on my tablet computer, using simple headphones. Then my young friend and I walked around Pickens Lake, in Herman Baker Park, a lovely tree-lined 400 acre lake on the outskirts of town.
I saw a great blue heron wading in the shallows. The park had a very nice flat 1.7 mile trail around the lake.
We did not fish, but the lake looks like it would be fun to fish. I'd like to go back and hike and bird it properly, or at least as properly as I imperfectly attain.

We stopped at Books a Million after our hike, and again spent time looking up things via wi-fi (me on my tablet, my young friend on a wi-fi-ready PSP, which is a workable tablet-alternative). I read dozens of pages of Trollope's novel "Three Clerks".

We ate lunch at Firehouse Subs, where I always order a regular sized roast beef with lettuce and cheese only, with baked chips and a drink. We drove back to Allen, and again utilized the wi-fi at the Escape Coffee and Donut shop.

I watched part of a pay-per-view of the movie "The Adjustment Bureau", which I am enjoying. I worked on a work matter in the early evening, as did my wife on her own work matters. I ate chicken at Spring Creek BBQ.

My cell phone threw a bit of a wrench in Sherman, at first being non-responsive and now requiring me to reset all the apps. I've been disappointed with its handling of internal memory issues. I will try to figure out work-arounds. At least the resets gave me a good reason to replace the good Miren browser with the better Dolphin mini-browser. The woman at Sherman's Verizon store was great, even if she did not solve all problems and foretell future events nimbly.

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