Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

page turner

When I read books on my e-reader, I tend to cover 10 to 20 pages at a time. I cover more per session with a hard copy book. Yet the e-reader tends to be a more regular routine. I think of people in Victorian times, pre-radio, pre-TV, pre-internet, reading pages of a book a few pages a night. When I read a dozen or two pages a morning, I find the effect very calming.

The temperature hit 105 degrees F. [40.5 degrees C.]today. I ate a veggie burger with a side of fresh fruit at a Denny's for lunch. The four wheel covers on my car did not fare well--now I have only one wheel cover. Although I understood that cheap plastic wheel covers were more brittle, I think that the heat affects them far more intensely than I previously understood. I look forward to riding my bicycle this weekend.
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