Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

on being shy and speaking

I would post that I fear that my introvert card will be lost because I love to talk, but in fact, like a lot of introversion-oriented people, I talk a little about a lot of things, and talk and talk and talk about things that interest me. I will add to my list of resolutions the virtue of restraint, and hope that the recipients of too much of my communications can master the virtue of tolerance. I heard a great radio show the other day about how we are all blends of this or that introversion/extroversion trait, and I agree. I like the idea of being a blend, rather like a cigar from a country where they are exquisitely hand-rolled, or a particularly creative bowl of snow ice cream. I no longer self-identify automatically as an introvert, but instead consider myself merely a blend.

I would immodestly claim to be visionary, but actually I just have a lot of modest ideas, and some idea of how to achieve them. I have a friend who taught me the virtue of needle-like obsession with making an idea come true, but my own way is less obsessive and more fun.

For tonight's political commentary, I will say that I am against people who are against the scientific method and the evidence it reveals.

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