Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

crane story

This Summer now sits three days from being a Summer producing the most days of over-100 degree temperatures in recorded local history. One disappointment this Summer has been the air conditioning at the office building in which we lease space. I will not elaborate here on this, because weblogs to me are ideal for other uses than catalogs of grievances. Suffice it to say that I discovered the vintage virtues of office fans to try to alleviate an unfortunate situation, as repairs of a hail-damaged system were too long delayed.

Yesterday, though, a fellow knocked on our office door around 9 a.m. He said "I just wanted to let you know it will be 5 or 6 minutes". I asked him "five or six minutes until what?", to make sure I understood. He advised that in five or six minutes a crane would put the new apparatus on the roof, requiring us to
wait outside the little one-story building while this happened. The folks from my office all stood outside the building, in its awning, while a giant crane did the necessary hoisting:

I do not recall owning many Tonka toys, but I nonetheless have a child-like delight in watching cranes, graders and harvesting comines in operation. The work took most of an hour or so, but soon the big machine was atop the roof. We were back in our office by ten or so. I then headed to the airport to fly to Austin, and thus missed, apparently, the situation in which the office lacked all air conditioning while the new unit was installed. I look forward to enjoying cool air today. I think it would be fun to operate a crane.

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