Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

beach saturday

My wife and I hosted my young friend last night. We dined on porterhouse steaks and corn on the cob. This morning at 5.30 a.m., my friend and I set out for a long drive to the Texas coast. We stopped in Ennis at the Kolache Depot Station, a Czech bakery attached to a filling station whose cinnamon roll was divine. We wheeled through Houston and then headed into the rural wetlands of Brazoria County. By 11.30 a.m., we were wading in the ocean at Surfside, Texas, a very small town with a cool community beach. The water was a good temperature, a bit warm, but cool in relation to the hot day. We enjoyed a swim in the ocean. The rest of our day was great, too:
a. we walked on a more rural slice of beach;
b. we drove across to Galveston Island's west side;
c. we watched Atlantic bottlenose dolphins from the little bay tour boat;
d. we dined at a casual Greek/Cajun/seafood cafe;
e. we drove through an industrial area to a rural park;
f. watched a documentary about Jean LaFitte and a documentary about the 1900 hurricane's devastation.

The day was grand, the conversation was good, the pelicans, terns, gulls and egrets were abundant.
We drive home tomorrow.
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