Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hot hot hot

Today the temperature hit 107 fahrenheit (a bit over 41 C.), a new Dallas-area record. I like making history.

This evening I visited the Performance Bicycles outlet in Plano, where a guy named Tony made some great suggestions for bikes I might enjoy.

I have three hobby music special project things I need to do, plus lots of routine hobby things I need to accomplish. I'm pleased that the Phantom Circuit cloudcast at which features my music is climbing a bit in listener count. Another podcast, Acts of Silence, played my song "Grass Skipper". I had not listened to it in a while, and was intrigued to hear what a gentle melody I used. I am not very "experimental" these days, except by way of limitation.

I'm enjoying google+. If you're on that service, and you would like to be in my circles, just let me know. I am there under my real name, which is no mystery at all.

I like the meme thing "ask me anything", particularly in its new video website form. I am trying to think of something interesting to ask an interesting person. But I like the idea of "ask me nothing--just come play", too.

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