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Yesterday provided a day of rest and practical self-improvement. I went to the church to which we belong, after some weeks of attending other Methodist churches in our area. A new associate minister named Abe Smith gave a creditable sermon using the lukewarm scripture text. He said, though, in reference to a scripture, that he never uses "fervent" in day to day speech. I use fervent in day to day speech, and do not think it is a particularly archaic word. I liked his sermon about being hot or cold, though the coffee analogies were unfortunate, but thought to myself that I'd rather be lukewarm but kind than hot but heartless. I read of the charismatic leader of a downtown Dallas church whose hobby appears to be to use literal interpretations of the Bible to assail other peoples' choices, as well as to deny science. To me, this is a sign of coffee a bit too hot.

In the afternoon, I went to Weight Watchers, where I got an award in the form of a charm [a thing for which I have a fervent belief that I have no real use) because this was my 16th meeting since I returned. The leader, Heather, asked me how I keep coming, week after week. I told her that it never occurs to me not to come. I am in my first plateau since I rejoined, having gained .8 pounds last week and 1.4 pounds this week, to bring my total weight loss down to 22.8 pounds. It will be easy to correct what I am doing wrong, and get back on track. If I had never stopped going to Weight Watchers in the first place, I'd no doubt already be lighter. Still, if I can work another 20 pounds off before Christmas, I will be doing well. I lost one pants size and one shirt size so far, but want to do better than that.

The heat yesterday proved stunningly hot, with the predicted weather to feature temperatures over 105 F. [over 40 C.] several days this week. I did get out for a walk before the heat came up yesterday. I also listened a bit to Neil Sperry's AM garden show. Neil announced he is moving to 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. from his 9 a.m. to noon spot, and that he is giving up his hour on Saturday. I love his show because the callers have a kind of down-to-earth "can I plant Granny Smith apples in the worst heat of mid-August?" charm that I like. Our area permits a wide variety of lovely flowers but a limited repertoire of trees and shrubs hardy enough for our weather extremes. I used to think that Neil never heard a problem that a yaupon holly would not solve. I am glad he is moving back to 8 a.m., because garden shows are best in the early morning.

I wandered in some stores yesterday, less to shop than to exercise a bit more. I did look at the low-end discount store bikes. I lean now to a cruiser bike with coaster brakes--but who knows? I am variable and whim-driven about such things.

My wife arrived home from Kansas City last night, after a visit to see her sister. We went to Rockfish grill for grilled fish. Our waitress was named Emily, and I thought about how people our age were almost never named Emily, but a fair number of women younger and older than we were were/are named Emily. I watched part of the movie "The Iron Giant", which I had rented on youtube for 2 dollars, but though I really liked the movie, I did not finish within the allotted time to watch. I'll watch it later, when I rent it again.

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