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I learned to love broccoli after I became an adult. I indulged that love today by having chicken and broccoli during two meals at two different places. Prior to that, I walked each of my dogs in the early morning. They now walk separately, as young Ted, now over 16 1/2, walks at an earnest but slow pace. Ted spent her earliest morning tumping the food dishes, which I finally decided was a way to tell me to supply more water.

At lunch, I walked in the Troth Ablon park near my work. I saw a downy woodpecker, a wren, mockingbirds, and a blue jay there. At day's end, I walked at the Fred E. Harris Branch park, and saw house finches and a group of western kingbirds, as well as swallows. I watched a Rex Allen movie--the first I had seen of the Arizona Cowboy.
I liked one song a lot about being born to the saddle, though I am not born to the saddle but instead born to address a personal propensity to clutter. I was pleased to learn that Rex Allen did voiceovers for the Wonderful World of Color, the Disney TV show of my youth.

I looked at a vintage Schwinn at Target and wondered what's so necessary about gears and hand brakes. I tried to listen to a singer on a Vancouver station--I could get the station on my android e-reader's radio app, but I waited an hour too late to tune in.

I like google+ but find it more like chalk than like scripture. I am a skeptic about the miraculous powers of any social media. Tomorrow I seek mellow adventure. Today my wife and a lovely 6 year old nice shared a tea at a real live tea house. The turtles in the pond submerged when they saw me coming this afternoon.

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