Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

quiet dignity and hacking

An evening at the Salvation Army, doing the free legal clinic for the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program. I like that so many people exhibit a kind of dignity or grace in the way they live out difficult moments. This grace transcends all kinds of illusory things like money and social structure. I'm left with my usual conviction that most legal things, including in particular family law things, should be simplified and de-mystified.

I've become fascinated with the English cell phone cracking scandal. I'm also intrigued in the way that people laud privacy in one context (a hacking by, say, one with whose politics one does not approve) and laud its invasion in another case (a hacking, by, say, one with whose politics one agrees). I'd prefer to see right and wrong defined in ways consistent despite one's partisan leanings.

Tonight our nation teeters near debt default for no reason at all, as the debt ceiling is a pawn in a rather different budgetary game. I hope it resolves soon. I think that a lot of folks don't see the danger of default, in the same way that some folks think that watering down the teaching of evolution will somehow obscure all those fossils and carbon dating results.
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